The VersaBuilt VBX-160 represents a new category of machine tending products. Designed for high part mix manufacturing environments, the VBX-160 can automatically tend virtually any part shape.

  • Enables lights out manufacturing (24/7 operation)
  • Dramatically decrease labor costs
  • Tend multi-op parts robotically
  • Process multiple part numbers in a single load without operator intervention
  • Efficiently process batch quantities from 5 to 50,000 pieces

The VBX-160 machine tenders allows IMD to get better machine spindle up-time. The machine tenders allow for 24/7 manufacturing. This helps with product through put, and shorter lead times. It also allows better utilization of the existing IMD employees as they can focus more on other machines and processes. 



IMD’s latest floor machine, the Integrex i-200ST, is a nine-axis mill with turning capabilities. From raw bar stock, the machine is utilized to create small, medium, and large complex parts. With a single loading objective, the Integrex is capable of simultaneous 5th axis machining and running “lights out” (operates 24/7) through the use of a magazine style bar feeder and automated parts unloader. Additionally, a 72-tool carousel that includes 50 preloaded tools and measuring probe ensures set-up efficiency and part accuracy while eliminating secondary operations.